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November 2015

Pod People #2: I Was There Too

Pod People is a regular feature in which Abby Olcese explores the world of podcasts, introducing you to work-friendly listening options beyond This American Life and Radiolab. I Was There Too Ever wondered who voiced the two-headed podrace announcer in… Continue Reading →

How Not to Respond to Grief: On Refugees and Paris

There are things that I never thought I would have to remind the internet world about—things that the internet just knows to be true: puppies are cute, avocados are everything, and refugees didn’t come here to kill us—they came here… Continue Reading →

Ariana Grande Responds Brilliantly to Casual Sexism

In spite of Ariana Grande’s empowering feminist message on Twitter this summer, Power 106 thought it wise to engage Grande with sexist questions in a recent radio interview. The LA-based DJs were promptly corrected in this assumption by Grande’s brilliant… Continue Reading →

Pod People #1: Limetown

As of this year, 21-34 year olds make up the largest portion of the workforce. We millennials have taken on day jobs to pay off our loans and fund our dreams, and those jobs take on many forms—some of them kind of… Continue Reading →

Nine Ways Gryffindors Earn Points Now that Voldemort’s Dead

Gryffindors, the bravest, boldest, and most red-headed of all Hogwarts students, were also big winners of the House Cup during Harry’s years—receiving some points when Harry won Quidditch games, and many points when Harry smashed Voldemort’s hopes of malicious takeover…. Continue Reading →

Reclaiming Thanksgiving

Many of us twenty-somethings celebrate Thanksgiving with some ambivalence. We know the sweet story we grew up on—about the legacy of cooperation and friendship between Native Americans and pilgrims—is a load of bull. Some of us wonder about the morality… Continue Reading →

Cocks Vs. Guns: What Texas Believes is More Dangerous

When does a prankster’s dream become political activism? When well over a thousand University of Texas students agree to strap a dildo to their backpacks in protest. Not over dorm security or cafeteria food, or even rightfully in protest of… Continue Reading →

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