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January 2016

Pod People #6: Reply All

Reply All describes itself as “a show about the internet,” but this tagline undersells the show’s breadth and unique approach. More than just a rundown of stories about how Reddit or Wikipedia work, Reply All is actually a show about… Continue Reading →

The Harry Potter Scene that Captures the Essence of Snape and the Brilliance of Rickman

The outpouring of grief following the death of beloved actor Alan Rickman doesn’t surprise me. While I didn’t know Rickman personally, and I cannot speak for his entire fan base, I can tell you this: To me, Alan Rickman was… Continue Reading →

How to Make a Latte or Cappuccino on the Cheap Without an Espresso Machine

Being a 20-Something often goes hand in hand with empty wallets, woeful bank accounts and enormous student loans, all of which limit our access to the small (and large) luxuries in life. Thankfully, with a little bit of ingenuity, you… Continue Reading →

Pod People #5: Hello from the Magic Tavern

The podcast realm has proven to be fertile ground for improv comedy. Taking advantage of the medium’s ability to revive audio storytelling, plus its self-promotional aspects, improv podcasts are both a platform for showcasing talent, and a way to play… Continue Reading →

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