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Social Justice

Color Me Black

Yo, Black is whack. Black is what I am behind closed doors when no one is watching. Or, what I am when everyone is watching: When blonde hair turns to cornrows or Bantu knots to “mini buns.” Black, is the… Continue Reading →

In Response to the Violence in Orlando: Love Harder, Whoever You Are

Forty-nine—more than my family added to the number of close friends who make my life lovely.  After the Charleston shooting, I read about all the victims and had moments of silence for each.  Could I do that this time?  What… Continue Reading →

Against Me!’s HB2 Protest is as Important as it is Punk

Last week, Laura Jane Grace, the lead singer of legendary punk band, Against Me!, set her birth certificate ablaze onstage in Durham, North Carolina in protest against NC’s HB2 bill, which requires transgender people to use public restrooms that match… Continue Reading →

When Laws Erase History

Last week, despite protests from senators and The National Council of Teachers of English, as well as the National Coalition Against Censorship, Virginia has approved a bill allowing parents to block explicit sexual content in schools. Lani, you may be… Continue Reading →

In Defense of “20-Something” Women

In honor of International Women’s Day I’ve decided to write an article in the defense of “20-Something” women. This is not a defense of 20 specific women, but rather a defense of women who, like myself, are currently between the… Continue Reading →

Choose Beyonce’s America, Not Trump’s

Like many twenty-somethings, I have been obsessed with Beyoncé’s new song and video “Formation” ever since its surprise release on February 6. “Formation” is everything we love about Beyoncé, kicked into high gear. It’s sassy, sexy, visually stunning, lusciously political,… Continue Reading →

The Worst Generation

Millennial. Millennial. Mil-len-nial. Let it sit on your tongue. How does it taste? Robert Sarver, owner of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, likely doesn’t think it tastes very good. He thinks we (full disclosure time – I’m 24, which places me… Continue Reading →

Why Race Isn’t A Trope

I was in tears at the news. Hermione is brown now, ya’ll. And we’re not going back. Yes, that’s right! Swaziland-born actress Noma Dumezweni will portray Hermione Granger in the broadway play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” and I… Continue Reading →

3 Ways Jessica Jones Speaks Up for Survivors of Abuse and Rape

After I walked out on an abusive boyfriend, I felt desperate to talk to anyone who would listen. I had friends who asked, “Why did you stay?” I cried to a therapist who said, “Is it possible that you are… Continue Reading →

Ten Times We Tragically Failed Tamir Rice: A Hasty, Hyperlinked Poem

When the officers only gave you two seconds before shooting when you deserved thousands, infinity more. When the first minute passed without you receiving first aid. When the second minute passed and your body used stillness to beg for hands… Continue Reading →

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